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شركة سوماتكو ترحب بكم  ويسرها خدمتكم يتوفر لدينا اجهزة توليد اكسجين ، اجهزة انعاش للربو ، مرطب للجو حار وبارد ، سماعات طبيب ، بالطو طبيب ، جهاز كشف الاذن ، جهاز كشف قاع العين ،جهاز قياس الضغط زئبقي والكتروني ، فرن تعقيم ، حاضنه الكترونيه ،سنترفيوج ، ميكرسكوب بجميع الانواع ، زجاجيات للمختبر ، كيماويات ، خرائط تعليميه ، كراسي معوقين ، اسره مرضي كهربائيه ويدويه ، موازين حساسه ، ورق ترشيح ، ادوات جراحيه ، ثلاجة لحفظ الدم ، مراتب طبيه والكثير من التجهيزات الطبيه والعلميه والمخبريه

is specialized firm which deals with TENDERS of Laboratory, Scientific, Medical, Hospital & Educational Equipments and all the General Laboratory Chemicals, this tenders are handled by the special staff of Tender Department for completion within the last date of submission, in this given limited time period SOMATCO arranges all the necessary required equipments with their specified specifications.

SOMATCO have a track record of getting maximum Tenders from the Saudi Government, SOMATCO have fulfilled all
the requirements of all the tenders from Ministry of Educational, Ministry of Health & Ministry of Agriculture, apart from the government sectors SOMATCO have also serve the ever blooming private sectors within Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and also overseas and we have proved by providing all the requirement in time which they have coated in the Tender this all happens as we have a great stock of items at our warehouse.

SOMATCO quotes Tenders with guarantee & with all General Requirement of the Tender, General Requirements includes the following details.

  • Attachment of all Technical Terms and conditions.
  • It includes Equipment Code and Equipment Name.
  • The latest marketed version of the hardware & software if any with the equipments.
  • Attached a list of equipment components, including hardware, software & accessories.
  • Description of all major features & performance specifications.
  • Manufacturer, model, software version & country of origin.
  • Prices for each options listed components are listed against the items.
  • Special tools or test equipment., hardware & software required in the troubleshooting & maintenance.
  • Delivery and Installation periods.

apart from this fulfillment of General Requirements, SOMATCO also fulfills the other terms & condition mentioned
in the Tender.

Like this the
SOMATCO supplies all the major requirements of Tenders within Kingdom of Saudi & also Overseas, leading to the successful installation of equipments in-time, with the full technical support during installation as 
SOMATCO have its own engineers which are always ready to accept the challenge and to serve the people 
of Kingdom & all over world.

For further details or any query regarding service towards Tenders,
                                               Please e-mail to 
                                               Phone no :
++966 -1- 4040645 / 4040540.
                                               Fax no : ++966 -1- 4055248 / 4121999.

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